Grocery Store Map

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Condo Sol y Luna

20.6186513384595, -87.09105818788794

Fruit Market

20.624403102192606, -87.08020208705727

A little fruit market we quite often forget about. But has similar stuff to DAC very fresh.


20.633249087574157, -87.07396179699185

DAC is a local fruit and vegetable market. They supply most of the restaurants and hotels in town. The often get hard to find stuff that other places don't get. Also Gluten free stuff as well


20.631930901330787, -87.0743434811393

We rarely go here because of the distance we usually find everything we need and avoid going but if you're desperate from something specific then try there.

Super Aki

20.63095544722788, -87.07491116371523

Club style store very rarely need to go there.


20.62922649696997, -87.07666070241083

Excellent grocery section. If you can't find it at Chedraui then try here. 

Sam's Club

20.618783564077074, -87.09211027810551

Our closest grocery store. Best Prices on Beer, Wine and Liquor. Best price/quality Bacon. Huge quantities of everything so shop carefully to avoid waste.


20.62565228351846, -87.08461773390252

Our favourite grocery store. Has almost everything you're looking for. Great Wine and Beer selection